Peat Industry

Our customers come from all over the world




The growing media industry is a flourishing, steadily growing sector. The peat harvesting season begins generally in spring and lasts from April through to August.

Once harvested, the peat is stored in large stacks or piles near the bog area, until it is transported to the processing facility. The finest peat is found near the surface. There are two ways to extract peat (raw material). The first is through milling the surface. In this way, you obtain milled peat, then collected by mechanical devices. On the other side, block peat is obtained by excavating rectangular blocks from a peat bed. They are opportunely cut on the surface.  Once transported to the processing facilities, both types of peat are processed in the proper way to modify granularity or pH. They can also be transformed into substrates by mixing black peat, fertilizers and other elements.

Arber® Horticulture produces and sells a wide range of peat products. Our customers come from all over the world and are highly qualified nursery farms. Moreover, we choose our retailers carefully. Our types of peat and our substrate processing facilities are selected with great care. Peat bogs are situated in the Baltics and in Germany.

We provide our customers with over 500 substrate mixtures for  both  the professional and gardening sectors. Moreover, on request, we can create any type of personalized mixture, thanks to a completely computerized reproduction system.