Arber® Horticulture is the unbelievable achievement of a very ambitious goal, To create a new figure on the international professional and gardening substrate market.
A project studied in detail. So that an important group of highly specialized and cutting- edge companies could acquire extraordinary strength. This strength can now satisfy any kind of request all over the world.

Arber® Horticulture was founded in 1996. That year, its founder turned his passion for botany and horticulture into a real project.
The founder created this firm thanks to his passion and willpower. In particular, he was able to hand down this passion and his horticultural knowhow to a team of professionals. All people who work together every day with motivation and enthusiasm to consolidate the name and quality of Arber® Horticulture, leader on the national and international markets.
Our work is based on continual research, focused on technologically advanced cultivations in the professional and gardening horticultural market.

Reliability, professionalism, accuracy and experience are the supporting elements of our company and of the selected partners who work with us. Steady expansion of  customers is the real proof of this process.

Arber® Horticulture is substantially:

  • A selected team of technologically advanced companies which produce peat and substrates.
  • Absolute and unquestioned knowledge in the production and sales of professional and gardening substrates.
  • Modern, innovative control of  production.
  • A high-level research centre to achieve ever better results, thanks to the newest technologies and cooperation with important farms.
  • An international logistics network able to guarantee fast deliveries everywhere in the world.
  • A developing network of very qualified sales agents and sellers.
  • Growing success.